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Almost two months have passed and still I haven’t updated anything. Hmm…I don’t know if I still want to maintain this blog since my Multiply account is very active. Plus, Multiply has a blog there which means I can easily update it anytime while uploading pictures. Haaay. So hard. This blog has been my shock absorber, a silent listener. Home. And now it feels like I am beginning to abandon it. My readers (naks) also fell silent while I am currently on mute.


You read it right- I’m back. I have been resurrected. It’s been a month since I last posted here and I have to do some changes. I feel like cobwebs are already building up and it gets thicker by the minute. I have to clean up my home. You see, my blog is the extension of my home. Since this is my first, I want it to be nice and squeaky clean. What have I been up to lately? Hmm…

Thanks to my dear old friend Karen who introduced me to this wonderful and brilliant writer’s book, I  – since my subject is about me coming back – finished reading a good book this week. Am definitely back! It’s been a long time since I actually took the time to read. The bookworm inside me has resurrected too.

If you loved Laura Esquivel’s Like Water For Chocolate, then you’ll definitely want to read this. The story also comes with recipes, only Indian food.

Serving Crazy With Curry by Amulya Malladi (excerpt care of

Devastated after being fired from her job at a Silicon Valley startup and suffering a miscarriage, Devi feels she has strayed far outside the expectations of her traditional Indian family and attempts to commit suicide. However, her intrusive mother, a continual source of aggravation for Devi, saves her life. Devi then moves in with her parents, but she refuses to speak, taking up cooking instead. Channeling all her emotions into the elaborate meals she prepares, Devi prompts her family to engage in a series of completely honest conversations that draw all of them closer to each other.


After much ranting from my previous post, it’s time to rave. Summer really is kicking in. For a week now, I’ve been wearing sandals. My feet find it damn hot when they’re wearing closed shoes though it’s really cold here in my “office space.” And since I really want to feel summery, I’m planning on wearing capri pants and light colored clothes. Yes, I am creating a beach scene (minus the sunblock, of course) inside my “office space.” And to complete my summer getup, I’m going to download my beach sounds maybe tomorrow. Fun!

I’ve been meaning to wear skirts, too. Not the micro-minis. As if I can pull that off! But before executing all my plans, I have to pay attention first to my legs. Yes, I haven’t been religiously taking the damn hair off of my shapely legs. (Naks!) Lack of time, I guess. Am not a big fan of shaving; hair grows back easily plus they’re rough. I’ve been using this depilatory cream for years now but because I don’t have the time to do my legs, well…my legs are hairy now. Arrg. So now I’m going to switch to the easiest and hopefully pain-free of removing the hair…waxing. Hello, smooth and bare legs!

To mah dahling Forever Flawless whom I will be visiting on the weekends, please take care of my shapely (ahem) legs! Oh yeah, there’s a Forever Flawless near my home. Double fun!!!